The Scoring System!!

Athletes' results for each age/gender group are recorded each week with points awarded based on results and personal bests going towards end of season Trophies.

Four competition trophies are awarded in each group; 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall point score and most personal best results.  Attendance trophies are also awarded to athletes who attend more than 50% of the available competition days and did not win a prize trophy.



For each age/gender group, point score, points are awarded for each event completed by the athlete as follows:

1st place - 10 points

2nd place - 9 points

3rd place - 8 points

4th place - 7 points

5th place - 6 points

6th place - 5 points

7th place onwards - 4 points

If the number of athletes in an age group requires two or more heats, the points are awarded based on the combined overall results recorded.

The points are accumulated for all competition rounds.



The prestigious personal best trophies are awarded to the athletes who achieve the most personal best results in their age group over the season.