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Track and field season is over, but about 12 cross country races are conducted over the winter on Saturdays (generally at 2pm).  Membership rates are reduced to $55 for those who wish to join for this last part of the membership year.  Please contact us via email for more information regarding cross country.

Track and field will recommence with registration starting in September and events starting October.

The seaons typically includes 18 Centre events (Saturdays 9am), plus Regional and State Competitions, and midweek coaching/training sessions.  It runs from October to March.


Age and ability:  Ages 5 to 15 years.  Little athletics great for all abilities from complete novices to future champions.  We aim help build skills, confidence and fitness, while also providing opportunities for challenging competitions for all levels.


Competitions:   8:45 am Saturday mornings (approx. 11am finish)

                         5:15 pm Wednesday afternoons (meets in lieu Saturdays comps not held due to long weekends and region/state comps)

On competition days athletes will typically participate in five events across track & field.



Finished for season.


Fees:    Will be set a couple of months prior to the season, but as a guide 2018/19 seasons fees were $145 for the first child and reducing by $10 for each sibling thereafter.


If you have any questions, please email us: westernport@lavic.com.au


We look forward to seeing you.



Long jump runway update

The new twin 50m long synthetic runways are complete. Some landscaping, drainage and pit works remain, but we will be able to leap into the new season with a fantastic new facility.

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Funding for Long Jump runway upgrade!

Great news! The Mornington Peninsula Council has provided $15,000 in funding to assist in the upgrade of our long jump runways. Stay tuned for more information.

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